VIP Level Upgrade Bonus

VIP Level Upgrade Bonus to participate in club betting will help players clearly understand the betting process in this market, thereby saving a significant amount of time during the online investment process. All detailed information related to how to participate in playing the Poker club game will be sent to you by PANALOKO in this article.

VIP Level Upgrade Bonus
VIP Level Upgrade Bonus

VIP Level Upgrade Bonus

Promotion Tag :VIP

Promotional period :2024/06/16 ~ 2025/06/17

VIP Level Upgrade Bonus
LV.3 58
LV.4 88
LV.5 188
LV.6 288
LV.7 588
LV.8 1888
LV.9 5888
LV.10 8888

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Promotion Details:

1. The system will update the “VIP Level” around  03:00 everyday (it will upgrade if times of deposit, total deposit  and total turnover reach the limit)
2. Click upgrade if meet the condition. The system will release the Upgrade Bonus. If not cliked, system will automatically release the bonus.
3. VIP Level Upgrade Bonus needs 1X Turnover, no game and withdrawal limit.
4. How to check information of VIP: Member Center > VIP Zone > VIP
5. How to receive bonus: Member Center > Notification > Bonus > click to receive

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