Secrets of Unbeatable Cockfighting from Experts

Secrets of Unbeatable Cockfighting from Experts

Cockfighting is certainly no longer strange to those who love gambling. The matches are held at professional arenas with simple rules. Join PANALOKO to learn more about this sport in the following article.

Concept of Cambodian cockfighting

You can simply understand that this is a form of cockfighting held in Cambodia. Most cockfighting matches take place in Thomo, the border area between Vietnam and the land of temples and towers.

Concept of Cambodian cockfighting
Concept of Cambodian cockfighting

Currently, Cambodian has been legalized and has become a very developed form of business. Therefore, the matches are organized professionally with clear rules.

The strategies participating in the competition must ensure the factors of health, breeding source, weight, etc. At the same time, they must be rigorously trained to be qualified to choose to fight. It is also because of this professionalism that cockfighting in Cambodia is increasingly loved by many people. In particular, they are also provided on an online platform.

Learn the rules and regulations of Cambodian cockfighting

Like other forms of cockfighting, Cambodia also has its own rules and regulations. You need to learn and understand clearly to participate in the game most effectively.

Learn the rules and regulations of Cambodian cockfighting
Learn the rules and regulations of Cambodian cockfighting

Rules in Cambodian cockfighting

During the matches, 2 roosters face off on a special fighting floor. Players will have to comply with regulations on betting, rights as well as regulations on ethics and safety.

The most basic rules of cockfighting

The rules of this game are not too complicated, so it is easy for you to grasp without any difficulty:

  • Each Cambodian cockfighting match lasts 15 minutes. If after 15 minutes the winner is still not decided, extra time will be given.
  • Cockfights with iron spurs and knife spurs take place more quickly, maybe only taking about 2 – 3 minutes.
  • If the rooster is beaked twice during the match, each time for 5 minutes, or both roosters stand still and do not kick, the match ends in a draw.
  • With, the possibility of defeating the opponent with just one kick is very high.
  • The roosters will be sorted and paired before the match. This is done to ensure fairness.
  • When a fighting cock cannot stand up, bite, resist, kick or restrain, it is considered a loss. If the chicken runs away and does not come back, it is also a loss.

Betting window in Cambodian cockfighting

Currently this type of entertainment is offered at PANALOKO with the following 3 specific betting options for players to choose from:

  • Meron: This bet is for the house’s fighting cocks.
  • Wala: Bet on the player’s fighting cock, higher odds than Meron.
  • BDD: This is a draw bet, this situation rarely happens but has a very high reward rate.

Gain experience playing undefeated Cambodian cockfighting

After understanding the rules of the game, you need to apply more betting strategies and experience to increase your chances of winning. Let’s take a look at some online cockfighting tips below.

Gain experience playing undefeated Cambodian cockfighting
Gain experience playing undefeated Cambodian

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Based on appearance and skills to choose betting door

Many experts use the method of evaluating fighting chickens based on their appearance, health, and skills. You can rely on the characteristics of fighting chickens to know whether this is the chicken that will bring you victory or not.

Normally, professional players will look at: legs, spurs, eyes, comb, feathers, wings, etc. to choose a good fighting cock. In addition, you need to pay attention to their gait as well as their ability to attack to make the most accurate decisions.

Follow the trophy list of fighting cocks

Before entering a Cambodian cockfight, you need to learn and count the achievements of each cock. It is best to summarize the last 10 matches of both cocks. This will help you know which fighting cock has more wins and more stable performance.

Master the forms of cockfighting

Currently, Cambodian has many different forms of betting such as: Iron spur, Da Nuoi, Dao cockfighting. Each type of bet will have different characteristics and reward rates. Only when you clearly understand information about these types can you analyze and deposit money accurately.

Money management and calm mentality

When playing Cambodian or any online entertainment game, you must know how to manage your capital. You should set a betting limit for each different match. At the same time, keep a good spirit during leisure time to avoid confusion and avoid mistakes.


The article above is the most detailed information about Cambodian that you can refer to. Hopefully, with PANALOKO ‘s sharing , the bettors will understand more about this type of entertainment.