Popular bets on soccer football odds at PANALOKO

Football odds are one of the important knowledge that players need to pay attention to if they want to participate in betting. When you understand the odds, you will definitely choose good odds and bet confidently, making it easier to win. In the article below, let’s join PANALOKO to learn about the most popular bets today.

Popular bets on soccer football odds at PANALOKO
Popular bets on soccer football odds at PANALOKO

Overview of what are soccer football odds?

These are the numbers given by the bookmaker in each match after detailed analysis of the force situation, physical form, weather, etc. From the soccer odds table, players will look at it and place bets. according to the bet you want to bet. Each match will have different odds and the experience with each brand will not be completely the same.

All bets have been analyzed very carefully by the bookmaker’s experts to ensure fairness for participating members. Therefore, players can refer to their pre-match observations and analysis and draw general rules for themselves.

What are soccer odds?
What are soccer odds?

Join PANALOKO to find out which soccer odds are popular?

Currently on the market there are countless types of bets at different bookmakers. However, below are the 3 most frequently used bets by players and appear in any brand:

  • European Handicap: This bet is also commonly known as 1X2 bet, the gameplay is extremely simple, just choosing the correct team to win is enough.
  • Asian Handicap: This type of bet will have different handicaps and each odds will bring different bonuses.
  • Over/Under: The bookie will give a number based on a certain Over/Under bet type, based on that number you need to bet on whether the actual bet will be greater (Over) or less (Under).
What are the common types of soccer odds?
What are the common types of soccer odds?

PANALOKO instructs how to read Asian football odds

How to read Asian handicap odds, readers please find out with us below:

Bet 1/4

This bet is also known by players as half-ball and can be written as 0.25. That means the upper team will handicap the lower rated team by 0.25 points.

The reason this handicap appears is to balance the strength between the two teams when assessed at different levels. If the favorite team loses or draws, the player will lose half of the money they bet on. On the contrary, if you bet on the underdog to win or draw, you will receive half the bet.

Asian football handicap odds 1/2

With a 1/2 handicap, also known as a half-left handicap, you will win in case the upper team wins. In addition, if you bet on the under, the player will win if this team draws or wins.

Odds 3/4

Half one handicap is also known as 0.75. At this time, the upper team needs to win by 2 goals or more for players who bet on this team to receive the bonus.

If the upper team wins by only 1 goal, betting on the lower team will lose half the money. In case of a draw, the lower team wins and the upper team loses the bet.

How to read Asian football odds?
How to read Asian football odds?

Over/Under soccer betting football odds

For Over/Under bets, players multiply the soccer football odds by the bet amount to know how much they can win. Normally, the bookmaker will use the total goals scored in a match as the milestone to decide the Over/Under bet.

If you predict the number of goals scored is less or more and then choose Over or Under. If you predict correctly, you will receive a reward and vice versa. However, at PANALOKO, members can also choose Over/Under to bet on the number of corners in the match, the number of red cards, the number of injuries, substitutions, etc.

How to read European football odds?

As we shared above, European odds are written in 1×2 format and players only need to predict which team will win. Corresponding to that are 3 possible results in European handicap: Home team wins, loses or draws. Multiply the bet amount by European football odds and you will know how much you will receive when you win.

An easy-to-understand example is as follows, in the match between Man City and Real Madrid, PANALOKO offered 3 ratios of 2.7 respectively; 2.65 and 3.3 for 3 cases where Real Madrid wins, the last loss is a draw. If you bet 100K, the amount the player will receive when winning these bets is as follows:

  • 100Kx2.7= 270K if Real Madrid wins against Man City.
  • 100Kx2.65= 265K if Real Madrid loses to Man City.
  • 100Kx3.3= 330K if 2 teams end in a draw.

Football odds are quite diverse today, our article above only introduces some of the most popular bets used by many people today. Don’t forget to follow the PANALOKO homepage to be updated with useful and latest sports information every day.

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